Advent 3

Philippians 4:4-7, Luke 3: 7-18

So much of the Bible is filled with terrifying passages of death and destruction.  There is a sense of control through fear.  This is my less favourite side of the season of Advent.  Repent for the end of the world is here, the Kingdom of God is at hand you brood of vipers.  No wonder the modern world finds it difficult to hear this message amongst the clamour of the secular, material world with its easy answers and shiny glittering material offerings for Christmas.  Yes in Advent we are waiting for the arrival of the Incarnation. Yes in Advent we are in a season of penitence and inner reflection, a time for really looking at who we are and where we are.  But the fear engendered in today’s Gospel seems a strange way to proclaim the “good news”.

Although we are awaiting the arrival of the Christ Child in the stable at Christmas, looking eagerly for His coming and for the story to unfold as it does year on year, we are also aware of the Cosmic Christ who is with us in every moment through all eternity.  Today’s Epistle from Paul says it “The Lord is near”. Rejoice in the Lord always.  Repent means to turn.  Turn and see and know the glory of God shining all around us in every minute.  My prayer for us all this Advent is that we know the reality of the Cosmic Christ in our hearts and in our lives, sustaining and encouraging us through all of lifes difficulties and problems this day and though all eternity.

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