Advent is a season of penitence

Advent, a season of joyful expectation before Christmas, begins Nov. 29 this year. The Advent wreath, with a candle marking each week of the season, is a traditional symbol of the liturgical period.


Advent is a season of penitence similar to Lent. Rather than giving things up during these seasons why don’t we try to do more.

More prayer, more silence, more spiritual reading as we approach the busy Christmas tide give ourselves the present of some time out.

Time to reflect upon who we really are. Time to connect in love with the God of love. Advent is traditionally a time for looking forward to the coming of Christ into our world in the miracle of the Incarnation.  The Cosmic Christ came into being long before that.

The reality is that Christ is round us through us with us and in us at all times and in all places. Maybe this advent we could dwell in that reality in all the noise and busyness of Christmas preparations. Know the light and peace and strength of Christ surrounding us as we dwell in the presence of His presence.


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