Welcome to the Greater Dewisland Local Ministry Area website!

Who We Are

We are a group of thirteen churches in North Pembrokeshire located in villages, in hamlets and amongst fields. The city of St Davids is at the tip of a peninsula jutting out into the Atlantic. Our thirteen churches, extending from Llanrhian and Mathry in the north to Roch and Solva in the south, lie in an arc that curves round immediately behind the cathedral city. This is primarily farming land, but also embraces a considerable section of the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path. It is an area of stunning, unspoilt natural beauty.

There was a time when every parish church had its own vicar. But the world has changed and churches, particularly in thinly-populated areas such as ours, have had to introduce new ways of organising themselves. At the start of 2018, therefore, our thirteen churches were brought together in a united Local Ministry Area. The thirteen churches work together while still maintaining their individual character; for example, the form of service might be more traditional in one church than is the case with its immediate neighbour.

Our Local Ministry Area has two full-time vicars: Canon Michael Rowlands and Revd Diana Hoare. They are supported by the Revd Enid Morgan, formally described by the diocese as Active Retired, and Mrs Janet Ingram, the Education Officer for the diocese of St Davids. In addition, there are Worship Leaders, lay members of congregations who have received training in how to organise and conduct a religious service. Having a team of people like this means that a full programme of services can regularly be maintained across the entire Local Ministry Area.

What We Do

Our churches are normally open seven days a week for personal prayer and reflection, and for the benefit of holidaymakers in this area who enjoy visiting beautiful and historic churches.

But at the centre of what we do, of course, are the Sunday services. The schedule for the current and following month can always be found on this website. In addition, there are extra services at Christmas, Easter and Harvest time. And the churches are always here for christenings, weddings and funerals.

There is also, however, an additional layer of activity. The church, especially in an area like this, is always at the heart of community life. There is a constant programme of prayer and discussion groups, social evenings, parish lunches, concerts, musical events, fetes and fairs, strawberry teas, bingo nights, exhibitions and other activities, events which help foster a strong sense of community. Up-to-date information about all these activities can always be found on this website.

How to Get Involved

The simple answer to ‘how to get involved’ is simply to turn up for a service on a Sunday morning. Everyone will be pleased to see you and you will be made welcome, but not in a way that is at all  badgering or oppressive.

After the service, stay for tea and coffee if you wish, but obviously you can just slip away if that is your preference. We are always hopeful that people will become regular worshippers, but there are many people who attend church just a few times a year – and we are always delighted to see them. Social events are usually advertised widely in each parish, and many people attend these events who choose not to attend church – and that is fine by us.

There are times when you might want to contact a vicar, for a christening, wedding or funeral, or for some other reason: in such circumstances, phone or email Michael Rowlands or Diana Hoare, or alternatively you can contact one of the wardens for the relevant church. All their phone numbers and email addresses can be found on this website.

Our Staff Members

Canon Michael Rowlands

Team Vicar Greater Dewisland Local Ministry Area

Revd Diana Hoare

Team Vicar Greater Dewisland Local Ministry Area.

Alice Morgan & Debbie Kimsey

Alice Morgan (left) is Church Warden at St David’s Church Brawdy. Debby Kimsey is a member of the congregation at the same church and helps out where she can.

Barbara Adams

Church Warden and Worship Leader of St. Mary’s Church in Roch

Mansel Raymond

Vicar’s warden of St Cwrda’s Church in Jordanston

Julia Miles

People’s warden of St Cwrda’s Church in Jordanston

Samantha Probert

Church Warden of St Aidans Church in Solva and St Davids Church in Whitchurch

Brenda Lloyd

Church Warden of St Davids Church in Whitchurch and St Aidans Church in Solva