Supporting the Work of Our Churches

Many people wrongly assume that the Church in Wales has an endless pot of money, and that this central pot of money can be called upon to pay the clergy, cover the running costs of churches, pay for essential maintenance and meet every other cost involved in running an active ministry.

The reality is just the opposite of this. Each individual church has to raise a substantial amount of money each year, primarily to cover these costs, but also to support social and charitable causes both within and beyond our community. This is why all our churches are engaged in an annual round of fund-raising activities, ranging from parish lunches and strawberry teas to auctions and bingo nights. The weekly collection in a Sunday service is also, obviously, of vital importance.

But the bedrock of our finances is people making a regular monthly donation. This is primarily those who attend church, but we also receive donations from non-attenders who, nonetheless, wish to show their support for their local church. A regular donation of this kind qualifies for Gift Aid, which means that, if you are a taxpayer, we can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give. It won’t cost you any extra.

How Do I Make a Regular Financial Contribution?

 The Church in Wales has produced a leaflet called ‘Supporting the work of your church’. This can be obtained from the treasurer of your local church, but is also available on-line: Church in Wales Gift Aid. Everything you need to know is in this leaflet.

When you have the leaflet, fill out the Gift Direct Commitment Form and the Direct Debit Form. The leaflet includes a Freepost envelope for sending off your completed form to the Church in Wales – but you can be assured that the money you donate, and the Gift Aid bonus, will both go directly to your own church within the Local Ministry Area.

How do I decide how much to give? Obviously, people’s circumstances differ, and people might well have more disposable income at certain stages in their lives. But we want to stress that every donation, however modest, is valued equally. One way of thinking about how much to give is to think of how much, as a single person or as a couple, you would put in the collection plate on a Sunday and then multiply this by 4 or 5 to arrive at a monthly sum. If you make a monthly donation, obviously you can skip, if you wish to, putting money in the plate each Sunday.

Your giving will support the work of the church here in this community, in all parts of the diocese and also overseas. Giving sustains the church, ensuring that we are here for regular services, but also for baptisms, weddings and funerals, and at all times when people need care and support.