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How do you launch a church website?

When a website is established a couple of points are obvious: first, you want as many people as possible to know about the site, and, secondly, you want these people, and then people they know, and then other people and eventually people around the country, and possibly around the world, to visit the website. It is, therefore, a good idea to launch a new website with something of a fanfare in front of a lot of people.

Bearing all this in mind, Diana Hoare had a cunning plan. Attendance at church varies from week to week, but the Harvest Festival service always attracts a large congregation. Even more so when it is a Local Ministry Area joint service for all of our thirteen churches. And then, the final master-stroke: follow the service with a lunch and it will be standing-room only in church.

Diana’s brilliant idea was to launch our new website in the middle of the Harvest service at Roch on Sunday 30th September. It had been a week of lovely weather and the church was packed. The service was primarily conducted by Michael Rowlands, but with a sermon from Diana who, after some striking words about the significance of the harvest celebration, then handed over to our website designer and administrator, Stephen Probert.

Stephen then spent about ten minutes talking us through the website and all its features. As you are looking at the site right now, what is on offer doesn’t really need to be explained again here. But it is worth mentioning how easy the site is to navigate, how easy it is to click through within the site and to external links, and – just how clever is this – that one click can translate the page you are looking at from English into Welsh.

Our thanks to Stephen & Michel from Webzer for creating the site, and also to John Peck who has written a lot of the content of the site. And do remember that the site is interactive: on lots of pages there is a chance to ‘post a comment’. We hope that rather than just being a consumer of the website you will also be a contributor.

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