Advent 2

How small do we make our understanding of Christ.  As we await the miracle of the incarnation, the moment when the Transcendent God chose to limit himself to a geographical place on earth, to a time in history, we must not loose sight of the bigger picture.

The Big bang was the moment when everything sprang into being.  The Divine Human Jesus Christ of the Christmas story existed before time began.  He is the Cosmic Christ King of the whole universe.  In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.  The Cosmic Christ is the greatest transforming presence the Universe has ever known.  Isaiah prophesied his coming and said the mountains will be laid low, the low places will be raised up.  Even the physical world is altered by the transforming presence of the Cosmic Christ.  Through the miracle of the Incarnation He became available to us in human form to experience all that it means to be human.  He is the Living Risen Lord of Life and. Light and Love and He is round us through us with us and in us at all times and in all places, transforming us in this life and accompanying us into the next.

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