What a wonderful time of the year Harvest is.  It puts us directly in touch with the abundance and glory of our world as it produces the fruits of the harvest in field, orchard, hedgerow and garden.

An attitude of awe and wonder at the beneficence of our environment, in conjunction with the skills of farmer and gardener, can only create a sense of thanksgiving within our hearts. A joyful shout of thanks for the gifts and bounty which our world produces year after year.

And an attitude of thanksgiving and positivity is so important for us all as we make our way in our confusing noisy world.  By focusing in on the minute we are transported into a world of wonder.

William Blake the poet said “To see the world in a grain of sand and a Heaven in a wild flower.”  As we concentrate upon the face of a tiny flower and see a heaven unfold within it we can only wonder at the glory of creation.


Our new website is in a way the Harvest of our coming together in the new GDLMA.  It is a harvest of our differences and what we can all bring individually to the shared table of our working together, in love and support of our brothers and sisters in congregations across the whole area.

Please check out the rest of the site and have a look at what it offers and feel free to suggest items which you think would be of interest to us all.  News and pictures of events across the area will help to flesh out the bare bones which we have assembled as a starting point.  The web site will prove to be an invaluable tool form informing ourselves and importantly the visitors to Pembrokeshire of our church activities, services and welcome to all.

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